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      This Web Site has been established for the use of earthquake researchers around the world.

      The following subjects and any of many other possible earthquake research related subjects could be discussed and examined at this Web site:

--- Lists and detailed descriptions of Earthquake Precursors such as Earthquake Clouds that private parties around the world can monitor

--- Earthquake Precursors that can only be monitored by research personnel using complex and expensive scientific instrumentation

--- Earthquake triggering processes

--- What people should do when an earthquake occurs near them

--- How to organize a disaster kit for use if an earthquake occurs near you

--- How to help strengthen your home to make it more earthquake resistant, and where you can purchase the necessary building materials etc.

--- How to find earthquake insurance coverage

--- How to get help after an earthquake occurs near you

--- How to contact your family members and neighbors after an earthquake occurs near you

--- Where to find earthquake information and reports that discuss earthquakes on the Internet

--- Lists of Web site where earthquake forecasting data are being presented or offered for sale

      The list of possible earthquake related topics for inclusion on this Web site is almost endless.  But, rather than try to reinvent the wheel, if there is already a good Web site where some subject such as organizing disaster kits is discussed, probably only a URL pointing to that site will be stored on this site.

      If successful, this Web site could represent an important new type of resource for dealing with problems that threaten the health and lives of people around the world.  It will hopefully demonstrate how to use a single Web site to help deal with a single health or life threatening problem.  If successful, other Web sites like it could then be established for dealing with tornados, floods, hurricanes, famine, drought, and the development of environmentally safe and affordable energy sources etc.

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